Worship for Sunday 10th January – So what happens next?

Our Sunday service will be available on YouTube from 6am on Sunday 10th.

You can find the service by Googling Chorley URC YouTube or by clicking this link : https://youtu.be/zQ7Pwh2Cyzw

There will be a Next Steps Zoom group to explore further our experience of the Holy Spirit and to consider the following questions :

  • How do you make space for the Holy Spirit. What can you do this week to create a place of calm and quiet to enable the Spirit to fill you and speak to you?
  • And how will you test and validate  your experience of the Holy Spirit to understand exactly what God wants of you?
  • And finally, how will you ensure you have the resources – whether that be time, people or finance to live, love, witness and serve as the Spirit directs? How will you enable others to share your experience of the Spirit and join in serving God and serving our world?

The session will at 5pm on Sunday 10th and will be hosted and led by Rees and Fiona.

You can join the Next Steps Zoom group by clicking this link : https://us04web.zoom.us/j/71321177230?pwd=ZGNMSEZBRThFOHJjdUNQaW9oNUhaQT09

Or alternatively by opening a Zoom session with the following details : Meeting ID: 713 2117 7230
Passcode: 3eCX92

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