Repair Cafe Reopening

The very successful Chorley Repair Cafe will be reopening on the 12th of June at 10am. Opened in 2019, Chorley Repair Cafe has fixed well over 100 items brought in by members of the public. Staffed by a team of keen volunteers we’re able to repair clothes, textiles, electricals, electronics, bikes, mechanical items, small items of furniture and more. As well as the more run of the mill vacuum cleaners and broken zips, we’ve repaired a much loved briefcase, got an off-road wheelchair moving again and helped several keen sewers to inject new life into much loved sewing machines.

Although the Repair Cafe had to close for Covid early last year, we did re-open briefly in the autumn and during this Spring we refurbished over 80 laptops for local schoolchildren who were struggling through lockdown learning without a suitable device. The Repair Cafe is entirely free and staffed by volunteers with a wide range of skills – there’s not much we can’t fix. As well as saving people money we have also diverted dozens of items that would otherwise have ended up at the tip. Sharing repair skills is central to our ethos. We ask everyone bringing an item to stay with it whilst it is repaired so that they can better understand how it works and possibly repair it themselves next time.

Please note that we will be taking photos and recording video at the session on the 12th of June. If you would rather not be included in photos or videos, please let us know when you arrive.

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