The Meeting Place

All are welcome

Open every Wednesday and Thursday from 10am until 2pm, The Meeting Place is open to anyone and everyone. By creating a safe, welcoming place to have a brew, a biscuit and a chat, we hope to reduce isolation - something that has become a much greater problem over the last 18 months or so.
A brightly coloured sign made of painted wooden slats that says "welcome"

Come for a chat or get stuck in

It's up to you what you do at The Meeting Place, you can sit and have a chat over a brew or you can get involved in some of the activities we're putting on - there's no pressure either way. At the moment we're transforming the courtyard from a tired and unwelcoming space into a greener, friendlier place to spend time in. So far we've opened it up by cutting the fence down and now we're painting the remains of the fence in bright colours. We're also creating a piece of art to go on the wall. In future we hope to run arts and crafts sessions too. 
Picture shows courtyard fence at Chorley URC having been painted in bright colours and cut down to around 4 feet high