Building Project

Church building reordering

In 2020 we embarked on an ambitious refurbishment of the church building.

The project created a multi-purpose, accessible, warm and welcoming church building suitable for the 2020s. We removed the pews, leveled the floor and created a new, accessible front entrance. The work also included see new lighting, heating, and audio-visual.

The new seating and staging will allow the space to be cleared completely for exhibitions, set up ‘in-the-round’ for plays or set up much as it used to be for ceremonial occasions. Of course, a range of worship styles will be accommodated too, including our existing traditional and cafe church services.

Image of the Sanctuary looking down from the right of balcony, showing the stage with communion table, lectern and chairs and with prayer stations around the rest of the room
The inside of the refurbished Sanctuary

Current Work

Unfortunately the Sanctuary ceiling collapsed in the Autumn of 2021, due to historic water damage and a patchwork of repairs that were no longer fit for purpose. We have now replaced the roof to make the building water tight for years to come and work to completely replace the ceiling is underway, due for completion this summer.

The exterior of the Sanctuary, clad in scaffolding to enable the replacement of the roof

The Hollinshead Centre

We also have plans to create ‘The Hollinshead Centre’, a new community facility for Chorley. 

We’ve had several iterations of our plans for the centre, prior to Covid we hoped to create an entirely new building and demolish our existing Halls. Covid changed the funding landscape so we went back to the drawing board. We are now planning an extension and refurbishment of the Halls to create a dedicated cafe space and a suite of up-to-date multipurpose rooms available for the use of the community.

This part of the project remains in the planning stage, we have submitted an application for planning permission and are investigating funding options. Head over to the Centre appeal website for more information

Proposed North elevation for the extension