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Chorley United Reformed Church has an extensive set of premises on the edge of Chorley town centre.

    • The Sanctuary entrance is on Hollinshead Street (see right).
    • The Main Hall, Coffee Room and Church Rooms have entrances from the church car park.
    • The Church car park is currently accessed from the ramp at the top of the Council's Hollinshead Street car park.
    • Pedestrians can access the church car park from the pedestrian entrance to the Council car park on Stanley place (down the left side of the Council Union Street offices)
    • Our Main Hall and Byron Street Room also have an entrance on Byron St (down the right side of the Union Street Council offices).

Our address is:

Chorley United Reformed Church
Hollinshead Street

If you'd like to get in touch, please head to our Contact page

The outside of the refurbished sanctuary showing new external doors from the entrance gates